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Beef Marrow Chew Sticks
Beef Marrow Chew Sticks

Beef Marrow Chew Sticks

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Our Beef Marrow Chew Sticks are made from 100% beef bone marrow. The marrow is extracted from beef Bola bones, and is then slow dried for 6 weeks. That's it! This process turns the soft gloopy marrow into hard dried chews. 100% natural, made in Australia, single ingredient product. This is a very unique treat that is full of nutritional benefits. Bone marrow produces new blood cells that assist in fighting and warding off diseases. Our Bone Marrow Chew Sticks are a great long lasting treat that is a safe replacement for bones!

They come in 2 sizes; small and large.

Slow chewer or small dogs: can take a several hours. Your dog might even come back and forth with it for a few days.

For an average chewer: can take 30-40 minutes.

Fast chewers and large dogs: can take 15-30 minutes.

Shelf life 12 months