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Hemp Health Booster 100g

Hemp Health Booster 100g

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Hemp Health Booster Benefits:

  • Increases Palability 
  • Naturally Reduces Inflammation 
  • Enhances Immune Health 
  • Great for Skin and Coat

Our Natural Health Booster Range is used to add health and nutritional benefits to your dog or cats current food intake. Think of it as an added BOOST to your pet's meal! Great for fussy eaters, raw fed pets, puppies, kittens and seniors. 100% Australian Made. Made using 100% Australian Meat or Fish products. Preservative and additive free. Nothing is added!

Recommended Dosage:
Dogs Under 10kg - 1 teaspoon daily
Dogs Over 10kg - 2 teaspoons daily

How To Use:

  • Mix with your pet's food (wet, dry or raw)
  • Our Boosters can be used in enrichment feeding (Kongs, Lick Mats or stuffed Beef Tubes)