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Lockdown "Keep Them Distracted" Box

Lockdown "Keep Them Distracted" Box

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Working from home can be challenging at the best of times. Let me guess:

  • You try not to take your laptop to bed, because you know you'll end up napping
  • You grab your phone for a '5 minute break'. Next thing you know 45 minutes have past, you're watching videos of dogs skateboarding and you have no idea how you got here
  • It's only 11am and you've gotten up several times already to get a snack
  • You can't get any work done because your pet is demanding attention and belly rubs, and who are you to say no?!

Well I can't help you with not napping, BUT...I can help you keep your pet distracted whilst you smash out a handful of emails and focus on Zoom meetings.

Lockdown "Keep Them Distracted" Box is the perfect way to, well... keep them distracted!

I've put together 3 boxes:

  1. Cat Box
  2. Gentle Chewer Box
  3. Tough Chewer Box

Each box is unique and all boxes are packed with a fantastic mix of meat, fish and biscuit treats - primarily focusing on long lasting treats. Great way to keep your cat or dog occupied whilst you attempt to get that darn project done by deadline!