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Choc Pupcorn
Choc Pupcorn

Choc Pupcorn

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Pupflix and chill anyone? Well, you'll need some Pupcorn to snack on! Our Pupcorn is air-popped fresh in our bakery using our awesome vintage-inspired popcorn machine. We add a dollop of Certified Organic coconut oil for popping and finish them off by coating them in two types of delicious carob. No salt, no butter. These are an AWESOME training treat! Great for puppies and senior dogs 


Please Note: none of these products contain chocolate. We use animal-friendly ingredients for all our treats. This treat is made using carob/yoghurt solids. There is no chocolate or cacao in any of our products

IMPORTANT: as of November, these treats may melt in transit. No refunds or exchange for melted products