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A Big Woof Welcome to Our Bakery!

We started our little bakery in 2017 because we wanted to offer a natural and healthy alternative to the harmful commercial treats that flood the market. We loved spoiling our pooches with treats, but we didn't love all the nasty ingredients that are commonly found in the commercial products.
So we started making and baking our own!
With a background in veterinary nursing, plenty of experience working in the animal industry, late nights spent researching, (and of course watching funny dog compilation videos on youtube), annoying our friends with numerous samples for their pups to taste, and of course a love for animal well-being...
Pure Paws Bakery was born!

We're Environmentally Friendly! 

Obviously, we love dogs, but we also love the environment!
We wanted our treats and our business to be earth-friendly. It was extremely important for us to not use any plastic packaging. Even our business cards are made from recycled materials! We don't use any plastic labels, instead, hand stamping each bag with our logo.
Our packaging is environmentally friendly and made from recycled paper.
The treat bags have a 100% natural corn-based biofilm, which is a renewable resource, and most importantly, they are compostable! Just be sure to remove the tin-tie.
Our postage packaging is all environmentally friendly as well, please dispose of responsibly (we highly encourage reusing our boxes!)

Fun Fact: We even take our own organic cloth bags to the local whole foods store and refill each time when purchasing our dry ingredients! We use jars when we refill our honey and peanut butter!

Your pet deserves the best, so treat your pooch guilt free!