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Easter Egg Hunt Pack
Easter Egg Hunt Pack

Easter Egg Hunt Pack

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Now your pooch can have their own Easter Egg Hunt! Have some fun with your dog this Easter and set up these treats around the house or outside in the yard. Break up the biscuits, scatter them around and let your pooch use their eggspert hunting skills to find all the goodies!

Our Easter Egg Hunt Biscuit Pack is made up of Peanut Butter, Chocolate (Carob), Veggie and Cranberry flavoured biscuits....all the yummy Easter flavours we know and love! These delicious treats are all natural and handmade in Australia. 

Let them sniff their way and hunt down these 6 delicious treats:

1 x Iced Easter Biscuit
1 x Hot Cross Bun
2 x Carob Biscuits
2 x Veggie Biscuits


Beautifully hand packed in bags that can be recycled they the REDcycle program, these also make a great Easter gift for your favourite dog mum/dad