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Goat Lung 60g

Goat Lung 60g

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Goat Lung is a hypoallergenic novel protein. It is ideal for dogs with sensitivities and allergies to other meats. Goat Lung is rich in minerals, including iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. It is particularly rich in B-vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and folate. Our Goat Lung makes for a great quick snack as they are light, crispy, low in fat and can be broken into small bite-sized pieces. Goat lung is around 1% fat which makes them one of the lightest and healthiest treats available!


  • Perfect training treat
  • Packed full of nutrients
  • Lean, clean treat ideal for dogs on a weight-controlled diet

Great for: cats and all sized dogs. Loved by puppies and ideal for training

Ingredients: Made in Australia using 100% Australian Goat Lung.
No preservatives, additives, colours, sugar, or nasties!