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Gummy Shark Tail

Gummy Shark Tail

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A very popular treat that your dog will love! Sustainably sourced from Queensland, and a great treat with so many health benefits. Aids with skin conditions, allergies, And can improve kidney function and arthritis. 

Sold individually 

  • Hypoallergenic superfood 
  • Omega 3 for healthy joints and reducing inflammation
  • Longer lasting chew

Great for: All sized dogs! Great for dogs who love to chew

Ingredients: Made using 100% ethically sourced Australian Gummy Shark Tail, approx 20cm
Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, sugar, or nasties!

please note: Sustainably caught in QLD, these fish are caught for human consumption. Have you ever had fish and chips? Well these gummy sharks are sold as "flake" in your local fish and chip shop! As these parts of the animal are not consumed by humans, they would usually be discarded. However, now that they're being used for pet treats, nothing is wasted because every part of the animal is used. So no, we don't condone killing of animals purely for the consumption of certain parts. These are leftovers of common sustainably fished Australian shark, which are already being used for human consumption.