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Roo Jerky 130g

Roo Jerky 130g

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Kangaroo meat is high in protein but low in fat; with less than 2% fat! This makes it an ideal treat for dogs trying to lose weight, it's easily digestible and also suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies. If you have a fussy dog, you'll be on to a winner with our Roo Jerky, as this treat is a hit with most fussy pooches! Our Roo Jerky is thin and crunchy, making it easy to snap off for training. Please note that this treat does not have a chewy consistency. 


  • Gentle on sensitive tummies
  • High in protein
  • Lean clean treat, low in fat. Great for dogs on a weight-controlled diet

Great for: all sized dogs, popular with cats too!

Ingredients: Australian Made using 100% Aussie Kangaroo Meat.
No preservatives, additives, colours, sugar, or nasties!