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Tuna Flakes 20g

Tuna Flakes 20g

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These tasty flakes are a healthy daily snack. They can be fed as is, or can be sprinkled on top of your cat or dogs food. The natural fish oils which are found in tuna provide urinary tract health, reduce the build-up of hair balls, and help to keep your cat or dog’s fur healthy and shiny. Tuna also contains taurine, which is an essential dietary requirement for cats!

20g (these flakes are very very light, 20g is a full bag!)

  • High protein 
  • Low in fat
  • Use as meal topper to entice fussy pets

Great for: Cats and dogs

Ingredients: 100% ethically sourced Tuna
Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, colours, sugar, or nasties!